HDTV on Terrestrial Network and DVB-H demo soon

As a world first, Teracom made a public demonstration of HDTV on the DTT platform using the MPEG-4 AVC video compression standard. Other partners in the demonstration included the manufacturers Sagem and Thomson. According to Bengt Broman, Managing Director of Teracom “Now that we have shown that the service works, we can start offering Swedish households HDTV transmissions via the normal digital TV network. We believe that the programme companies are interested in transmitting special events via HDTV, e.g. the football World Cup. We have now shown that this does not present any technical problems.”

According to the Managing Director of the pay DTT operator Boxer TV Access, Crister Fritzson, “We see the possibility of introducing HDTV on special channels for special events and films for households ready to invest in advanced equipment and special subscriptions, but at the same time we will be continuing to develop our usual offering.”
Teracom also showcased DVB-H for the first time in Sweden. A number of television programmes were transmitted via the DTT network to a Nokia multimedia terminal.
At the beginning of next year, Teracom will begin a full-scale DVB-H pilot project in Sweden.
Source: Digitag
Item added: 17th November 2005