HDTV broadcast candidates present proposals

Four candidates, seeking licences to transmit HD programmes on the French DTT platform, have been presenting their proposals to the regulator CSA.
The candidates are Metropole Television (M6), TF1, AB NT and Canal +.
Metropole Television already broadcasts an HD version of M6 for several hours each day on cable and satellite and proposes that the DTT service will be free to air.
TF1 And AB NT also propose free to air services whilst Canal + wants to use its already launched HD cable and satellite programs as Pay DTT HD on the new platform.
CSA is expected to announce its decision on who gets the two HD licences, at the end of the year. Services would be expected to begin in the first half of 2008.
A third HD/DTT licence has been reserved for the public service broadcaster France Television.
Source: advanced-television.com
Item added: 16th October 2007