HD Services in France

Viewers in France are able to watch HD services across all television delivery platforms, cable, terrestrial, satellite and IPTV according to figures published in DigiTAG’s April newsletter.
On 30 October 2008, the DTT platform officially launched 5 television programme services in HD. Of these, four are available free-to-air (TF1 HD, France 2 HD, ARTE HD, M6 HD) while one is available as a pay service (Canal+ HD).
Quoting the HD Forum, the article goes on to say that the DTT platform has the highest number of HD viewers compared with other television platforms. As of June 2009, 1.1 million DTT households accessed HD services out of a total of 2.4 million HD households (pay and free-to-air). According to data from Screen Digest, strong growth is expected for HD services in the coming year with an estimated 4.1 million pay-HD subscribers by the end of 2010.
To read the full HD newsletter click on the following source link.
Source: DigiTAG April Web Letter
Item added: 17th May 2010