HD/DTT services increase to Four

OFCOM the communications regulator has confirmed that it will be possible to launch a fourth HD service in Multiplex B.
B is the multiplex that is being cleared to provide space for three other HD services which will be broadcast using the new DVB-T2 standard and coded using MPEG-4, H.264 AVC.
The multiplex is for the exclusive use of public service broadcasters who have already been asked to apply for the new HD slot. Applications must be received by 19 February
HD/DTT services will be launched at the end of 2009 during the analogue switch-off However, it will be possible to source temporary frequencies to launch HD/DTT services in those areas that will not complete analogue switch-off until 2012, including London, according to OFCOM.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 16th December 2008