“Handy-TV” project in Hamburg generates lots of DVB-H proposals

A request for interest in the pilot project “Handy-TV” from the Hamburgischen Anstalt fuer neue Medien (HAM), brought in applications and statements of interest from both DVB-H and DMB proponents.
The call for applications ended on February 3rd with more than 40 entries, most relating to DVB-H.
In Germany DVB-H services will initially be introduced via pilot projects in Hamburg, Berlin and Hannover.
Ham director Dr. Lothar Jene commented that ” The pilot projects will function as door openers and the number of important players expressing interest in DVB-H is a good indication of its future success. We hope to start in three metropolitan areas within the next three months”.
Source: Ham press release
Item added: 7th February 2006