Handheld, HDTV, Interactive & IPTV – DVB Shows The Way at IBC 2005


The DVB Pavilion will once again be a one-stop shop for information on the world’s leading family of technical standards for digital broadcasting. The major specifications to be highlighted in the Pavilion this year will be the implementation and benefits of four of DVB’s most recently developed standards:   DVB-H, DVB-S2, MHP and the latest developments in DVB-IP for IPTV.

The DVB Pavilion will also host a number of product and technology demonstrations conducted by the following DVB members: Fraunhofer IMK, Osmosys, ProTelevision Technologies, SIDSA, TeamCast and Thomson.

Fraunhofer IMK  is presenting its latest solutions for mobile multimedia broadcasting based on DVB-H. At IBC 2005 Fraunhofer IMK will unveils IPmux, a DVB-H playout solution for IP encapsulation and transport stream multiplexing. For developers of DVB-H terminals and for creators of mobile content and applications IPmux gives an opportunity to have a low cost, standard compliant test environment.

Osmosys  will be showing the world first DVB-MHP PVR solution which allows the end-user to intuitively install, operate and manage an MHP compliant DVR equipped receiver. Also being demonstrated is its latest range of tools including SDK 2.1, Navigator and Tattoo which provide a complete solution for MHP digital receiver requirements.

ProTelevision Technologies  will demonstrate the latest additions to its range of DVB-T and DVB-H products. The demonstration includes live transmission of a DVB-H signal from ProTelevision’s pod in the DVB Pavilion to the main ProTelevision stand (4.240). The company will exhibit its market leading range of DVB-H and DVB-T equipment including its popular modulators, regenerative and non-regenerative repeaters, MIP Inserters, and a completely updated remote interface system.

SIDSA  will demonstrate its demodulator reference design platform used by partners to prototype and verify DVB-H receiver chips. There will be a live DVB-H broadcast of video streams from SIDSA’s DVB-H IP Encapsulator which supports variable delta-T bursts and parallel services in the same Time Slice. 

Teamcast  will display the unequalled flexibility of the DVB-H standard with its mature family of ModulCast technical products. A live DVB-H broadcast will be performed using the format    forecast for the US market to demonstrate its full suitability for Pan European DVB-H deployment.

Thomson is showcasing IPTV solutions with a live broadcast featuring content on demand and a broadband content guide. Advanced features of the DVB-IP specification such as retrieving information on programme schedules will also be demonstrated.