Government to release Analogue Switch Off plans in May 2007

The government is said to be putting together its digital switchover timetable with the intention of reaching analogue switch-off in April 2010 according to an article on the Digitag website. The item goes on to say that the plan is expected to be made available in May 2007. At present DTT penetration, in Spain, stands at 16.3% of the population and the Minister for Telecommunications, Francisco Ros, believes that a higher penetration can easily be attained. In his opinion, this can be done by improving the quality of DTT services over that of the existing analogue provision. Also removing the existing consumer confusion about DTT suitability of equipment will help. The government and consumer electronic manufacturers are planning to sign an agreement which will see clear labels on TV sets saying whether or not they have an integrated digital tuner.
Finally, the government is also planning to put together a plan for mobile television services. It has noted that 50% of mobile phone users in Spain would like to receive mobile television services.
Source: Digitag attributed to EFE
Item added: 27th December 2006