Government to pay Digital Dividend cost

The Spanish government has agreed to pay the costs of broadcasters who have to move to new frequencies as a consequence of clearing the ‘digital dividend’ band.
The ‘digital dividend’ is an agreement of the European Union (EU) by which from the 1st January , 2015 part of the frequencies now being occupied by the former analogue broadcasters will be able to be occupied by other services such as mobile broadband.
According to Rapid TV News the business value of the ‘digital dividend’ will amount to between €150,000 million and €200,000 million in the EU and between €12,000 and €16,000 million in Spain alone. Provided this process is undertaken in the whole of the EU the business value could amount to up to €40,000 million extra.
Source: Rapid TV News 2010
Item added: 5th July 2010