Government minister defends the choice of ISDB-T for Brazil

Brazils communications minister Helio Costa has defended the government’s choice of the Japanese ISDB-T television system saying that it was purely a choice made on technical grounds alone.
He was speaking at the opening ceremony of the telecom conference Futurecom 2006 in Florianapolis.
Brazil is the first and only country to choose the ISDB-T system, which was developed and is used in Japan.
Several other countries have chosen the American ATSC system but by far the majority, more than 50 countries selected   DVB-T after there own technical tests and comparison of the merits of each system.
Following the recent Radio Communication Conference in Geneva, DVB-T is now the system of choice in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and many parts of Asia.
Initial news source: Business News Americas
Item added: 4th October 2006