Government issues digital switchover roadmap

The government for the French-speaking community of Belgium has issued its roadmap for digital switchover.
As part of the roadmap, the public service broadcaster RTBF has been allocated the following:
– 2 analogue channels to continue broadcasting its two analogue services until 2011
– 1 DVB-T multiplex with nationwide coverage as of 2007 (a second DVB-T multiplex is available for additional services, however, it will need to be returned following a transition to MPEG-4 AVC)
– Half of a DVB-H multiplex
– Additional capacity will be made available should it be deemed necessary for RTBF to provide HDTV or regional services.
While the roadmap has not established a date for analogue switch-off, the broadcast regulator CSA has recommended an early switch-off and reminded the government that analogue switch-off will take place in the Flemish-speaking community in 2008.
Source: Digitag
Item added: 5th December 2006