Get your seat for DVB World

DVB World 2015 is now rapidly approaching, so it’s time to get your seat now.

DVB World is the biggest annual gathering dedicated to DVB standards, services and technology and attracts around 200 broadcast professionals from around the world.
With well over 1 Billion DVB receivers deployed around the world, what milestones lie ahead for DVB and its family of digital television standards? What technical, business and social developments can we expect and what will TV content delivery look like in the future?
Join DVB World 2015 on March 23 in Copenhagen to find out!

Learn the latest from: Freesat, Akamai, IHS, Eurovision, Ørestad Gymnasium, DR, BBC, SES, Sony, Open Channel, ATSC, TUBS, EBU, BT, TNO, LG, TP Vision, Ericsson, Fraunhofer, DTS, Dolby, University Stuttgart, Qualcomm, SNL Kagan and of course DVB.