Full Mobile TV (DVB-H) coverage for France in 2008

In an upbeat statement on Wednesday in Paris, Francois Loos, minister for industry, said that the reception of mobile TV everywhere in France could be possible in 2008. Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom already have video available on their cellphone networks but it is not possible to have many users on these one to one services.
This was the reason given for the exceptional interest in DVB-H technology which provides a one too many broadcast approach. He said that this was why three operators were currently trialing DVB-H in France and also added that more research was taking place to integrate satellite transmissions with the system so as to allow better coverage outside the main city areas.
However he also made clear that before launching DVB-H across the country frequencies must be found and allotted to these services and that the situation is made more difficult by an existing 1986 telecoms. law which needs amendment.
The bill to amend this law is expected in the next few weeks and Philippe Levrier a member of the deciding council said that as soon as the documents arrived a decision should be possible in a few weeks.
Sources various: AFP Agence France-Presse, Reuters, Tribune de Geneve on line
Item added: 16th June 2006