Frequency assignments may cause problems

Italy’s Marche Region has asked for a postponement of the transition to DTT until at least 2012.
The request was made by the Region’s president, Gian Mario Spacca, in a letter addressed to the Minister for Economic Development, Paolo Romani, and to the president of the Communications Authority (AgCom), Corrado Calibre.
The postponement, according to Spacca, is necessary “to avoid serious consequences for local broadcasters and the public that the switch-off (planned for 5th-21st December) would create following the assignment of frequencies which would interfere with neighbouring countries bordering the Adriatic Sea (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania).
The Marche Region had pointed out the problem of uncoordinated frequencies since 2010, asking for the necessary corrections to be made.
Source: Advanced Television
Item added: 6th November 2011