French National Assembly approves TV bill

The French National Assembly has approved the new TV bill entitled “Télévision du Futur” detailed in a “French Legislative update” in the latest Digitag web letter.
According to the web letter analogue switch off is to take place on a region-by-region basis beginning on 31st March 2008 and ending by 30th November 2011.
An amendment, proposed and approved, by the National Assembly mandates that all television sets sold in the next year must have a digital tuner. In addition, all HD television sets will need to have an HD MPEG4 AVC decoder included by December 1st 2008.
Following analogue switch off, DTT services will be available to 95% of the population and the remaining 5% will have access to the same services from a satellite transmission to be provided by the Government. The satellite service will be available from the summer of 2007. Viewers will have access to 20 free to air and 19 pay DTT services after switch off.
On the HD front it is expected that at least one multiplex will be made available for the launch of HD services by September 2007, in time for the Rugby World Cup.
The full article can be accessed by clicking on the link at the end of this item.
Source: Digitag webletter
Item added: 20th February 2007