Freeview NZ has biggest sales month

December was the best sales month since the launch of Freeview NZ in 2007.
Sales figures show 34,928 Freeview receivers were sold across the country during December. The majority of these were TVs with Freeview|HD built-in and sales of MyFreeview Digital Television Recorders also continue to grow progressively.
During Q4 2010 sales of digital receivers reached 78,700, 11,706 of which were Freeview satellite and 66,994 were Freeview|HD receivers.
Thirteen or fourteen TV channels (depending on location) plus three radio channels are available on Freeview|HD, and Freeview Satellite offers fifteen TV channels with an additional four radio channels.
Source: Freeview NZ
Item added: 21st February 2011