Freeview HD watched in 160,000 homes

Isle Howling, MD of Freeview said at the Westminster Forum on the Future of DTT that Freeview HD is now watched in 160,000 homes. What is more, Freeview has had 1.5 million unique visitors to its website checking the coverage of its HD services.
The service, which is delivered using DVB-T2, launched earlier this year and can be received in 55% of the UK, rising to 98.5% at the completion of digital switchover in 2012.
Howling also said that in the eight years since its launch, 60 million pieces of Freeview equipment have been sold, with 13 million in the last year alone. All told, the service is received in 19 million households, 10 million on their main sets.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 10th September 2010