Freeview claims big lift in tuner uptake

Freeview boss Steve Browning is claiming a big increase in the number of Freeview tuners sold in the three months to the 1st September. Uptake has increased 37,980 during the period and now stands at 160,496.
He went on to say that in total Freeview is available in 10% of homes and delivered either by satellite or terrestrial transmission. This 10% together with the 42% of people with subscriptions to the Sky satellite digital services adds up to 52 % of New Zealanders having access to digital TV.
In the past the Government has said that it will set a date for analogue switch off when the digital TV take-up reaches 60%.
Clicking the following source link should access the full article in the New Zealand Herald.
Source: New Zealand Herald
Item added: 6th October 2008