Free satellite in 900,000 homes

The latest figures from Ofcom reveal that there are over 900,000 households with a free satellite service in the UK.
The Communications Market: Digital Progress Report for the second quarter of 2008 shows that around 840,000 homes were using free satellite – from BSkyB, BBC/ITV or other retailers – on their main television set. This is an increase of around 120,000 on the previous quarter.
In addition, between June and September BBC/ITV Freesat sold a further 60,000 units, meaning that the total number of households using a free satellite service is now around 900,000.
The report also shows that 88 per cent of households now have digital TV on their main set.
The second quarter of 2008 showed that households remain focused on switching their secondary television sets to digital as well. Over half (19.1 million) of the 35 million secondary sets have now been converted to digital.
Source: Ofcom Q2, 2008 Progress report
Item added: 6th October 2008