FOBTV Summit

DVB and other television broadcasting organizations gathering this week in Shanghai agreed that a global approach to the future of terrestrial TV broadcasting is the ideal method to avoid competing standards, overlap, and inefficient deployment of new services.

At 11:11 a.m. local time on 11/11/11, more than 200 delegates to the Future of Broadcast Television Summit officially expressed unified support for a joint declaration signed by technical executives from 13 broadcast organizations from around the world that calls for global cooperation to define new requirements, unify various standards, and promote sharing of technologies to benefit developed and under-developed countries and conserve resources.

A common theme throughout the summit was that broadcasting – the transmission of information to an unlimited number of listeners and viewers – is the most spectrum-efficient means for wireless delivery of popular real-time and file-based content. The signatories of the declaration believe that the broadcasting and TV industries will continue to evolve and play a critical role in bringing both information and entertainment to everyone.

The FOBTV organization was co-founded by DVB and the summit included presentations from DVB’s Phil Laven, Peter Siebert, Ulrich Reimers, and EBU’s Lieven Vermaele.

Press release

You can view all the FOBTV documents and pictures on the FOBTV website.