First DVB-T2 Plug Fest completed successfully

The DVB-T2 Validation and Verification (V&V) group, coordinated by the Technical Module TM-T2 working group, completed a very successful Plug Fest at the RAI Research Centre in Turin during early March.
DVB-T2, currently available as DVB BlueBook A122r1, will be published as a formal standard by ETSI later this year. The aim of the Plug Fest was to validate the DVB-T2 specification through the interoperability of independent hardware implementations.
Equipments tested comprised of 6 DVB-T2 Modulators (DekTek, Rhode&Schwarz, ENENSYS Technologies, TeamCast, BBC, SSBT) and 5 Demodulators (DekTec, SIDSA, Panasonic, Sony, BBC)
The seven DVB-T2 transmission modes recommended by the UK regulator Ofcom for Britain’s DVB-T2 broadcasts were tested as well as more complex modes, such as those involving multiple PLPs.
RAI is currently transmitting test DVB-T2 signals from a tower 5km distant from the RAI Research Centre.
Source: DVB
Item added: 23rd March 2009