First DVB-SH Mobile TV Trial in USA at CES

ICO (Global Communications holdings) and Alcatel-Lucent will demonstrate TV services delivered by the DVB-SH (satellite services to handhelds) mobile TV standard in Las Vegas during CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January.
”This demonstration is a key milestone for ICO’s initiative to deploy a fully integrated DVB-SH hybrid satellite/terrestrial network in North America” according to an Alcatel-Lucent press release.
ICO and Alcatel-Lucent will deliver mobile high-resolution live television programming to display terminals located in a moving vehicle fitted with a DVB-SH receiver.
ICO will also demonstrate the reception of pre-encoded content on mobile terminals in ICO’s exhibition suite at the Venetian hotel.
Source: Alcatel-Lucent
Item added: 27th December 2007