First Analogue TV Transmitters Turned Off

Sweden began its transition to digital television Monday as the first analogue transmitters have been turned off, on the island of Gotland. The switchover continues later in the year as transmitters close in the cities of Motala and Gävle. The public television channel SVT1 will continue in analogue in Gotland for two weeks, however.

The change only affects terrestrial television. Half of the households here have cable TV and 17 percent have digital satellite television already, and will not be affected. Only 23 percent of Swedish households here still have ordinary TV antennas on their roofs and will need to get digital terrestrial boxes.

There are five stages to the digital switchover here, but all of Sweden is to be digital-only by the time Britain starts its transition in 2008.
Source: Sveriges Radio
Item added: 29th September 2005