Workshop: The Future of Television in Europe

Geneva, Switzerland

This one-day workshop, which is jointly organized by the three Sectors of the ITU (Radiocommunication: ITU-R; Standardization: ITU-T; and Development: ITU-D), will focus on the diverse emerging broadband and broadcast technologies, with the aim to assist countries in the region of Europe to assess challenges, dynamics and opportunities.


  • Session 1: Enabling Regulatory and Policy Environment
  • Session 2: Future Integrated Broadcasting and Broadband
  • Session 3: Making Television Accessible
  • Session 4: Standardization, Future Spectrum Usage and Development issues

DVB Head of Technology Peter Siebert will speak as part of Session 2, which will also feature presentations related to HbbTV. That session will be chaired by DVB chairman Peter MacAvock (representing the EBU).

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