Webinar: Tools for DASH Streaming


The MPEG-DASH streaming capabilities offered by HbbTV, possible problems and how to detect and resolve them using HbbTV tools are the focus of a webinar. The event is organized by the HbbTV Improve Interoperability Task Force.

The tools have been developed by HbbTV together with DVB and DASH-IF to aid interoperability of content, applications and devices with their specifications, complementing HbbTV’s Test Suite and Interoperability Plug Fests.

Agenda (1 hour)

  • Bob Campbell (Eurofins Digital Testing), hosting the webinar, will introduce the topics and the two speakers
  • Juha Joki (Sofia Digital) will present the HbbTV DASH DRM Reference Application with a short demo of the tool
  • Waqar Zia will present the HbbTV/DVB DASH Content Validation Tool with a short demo on how to use it
  • Q&A session and closing remarks from Bob Campbell

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