Satellite Interference Reduction Group Annual Workshop

Brighton, UK

Satellite interference is a substantial problem for all of those with a stake in the industry including operators, manufacturers and of course, users. The Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) has been championing various initiatives to solve the problem with considerable success. Thanks to the tireless efforts of its members, new and innovative technologies mean we can now begin to envisage a future free from the disruptive effects of interference, ensuring the continuity of valuable satellite communications.

On 25-26 October, IRG will hold its annual workshop in Brighton, UK. Aiming to explore both new and current techniques and solutions available to tackle interference, attendees will be offered expert opinions and advice from some of the biggest names in satellite.

A range of speakers will cover several topics including the view of the broadcaster, the impact of space debris, the importance of education for military personnel as well as a whole section on antennas and type approvals, including the use of drones in testing. The two-day workshop will also take a look at what’s next for Carrier ID technology and VSAT mitigation tools. Finally, speakers will be considering the future of interference and how deep learning and augmented intelligence could provide tools to solve it.

Sponsored by Govsat and ETL Systems, the IRG workshop is free to attend and will provide an invaluable opportunity to network with leading professionals and to hear about real-world scenarios and case studies.

To find out more or to register, please visit the website.

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