Joint DTT Implementation Workshop

ITU, Geneva, Switzerland


To help promote the win-win scenario successful DTT offers, EBU, BNE and DVB have embarked on a process to share knowledge and bring DTT experts together to facilitate the introduction of successful DTT in countries still reliant on analogue TV.

The first action of this group is to organize, jointly with the ITU, a workshop focused on key practical aspects of DTT;

  • Licensing and Business models for DTTB;
  • DTTB Handbook: the implementation guidelines;
  • Defining DTTB network specifications and ensuring Quality of Service;
  • Preparing your DTTB receiving equipment specifications
  • Communication strategy for your DTTB services;
  • DTTB, a catalyzer for local content production.

The ITU has agreed to host the “Assistance for DTTB Implementation” workshop on the 27th of October at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Find more information and the programme of the workshop here.
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