ITU Telecom World 14

Doha, Qatar

Convergence of Broadcasting and Broadband

Monday, December 08

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM, Meeting Room 105

Technology developments are providing radical new possibilities for broadcasting. The combination of LTE-Broadcast service deliveryusing a good coverage spectrum could be revolutionary. eMBMS-enabled LTE-Broadcast is potentially a game changer, freeing up capacity for mobile network operators as it enables much more efficient delivery of video streams to multiple (unlimited) users, enterprise and consumer applications. However the business models are not yet mature or understood and the devices ecosystem is very small. Existing broadcasters have a different perspective. How realistic are proposals to close digital terrestrial TV networks and move them onto the mobile networks? How will the competitive positioning between fixed and mobile network operators and cable operators evolve? Would cross-sector consolidation make sense? How will video over LTE impact the broadcast and mobile industries?


Mr Alan Hadden, President, GSA – Global mobile Suppliers Association, United Kingdom


Dr Peter Siebert, Executive Director, DVB Project, Switzerland

Mr Bernard Pauchon, Chairman of Spectrum and Networks Working Group, DigiTAG, Switzerland

Mr Patrick Lopez, Founder & CEO, Core Analysis, Canada

Dr Shiv K. Bakhshi, VP Industry Relations, Group Function Technology Strategy, Ericsson, USA

Dr Helmut Schink, Head of Industry Environment Telco Standards, Nokia Networks, Germany

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