International Plugfest 2024

London, UK

Jointly organized by DTG, the Deutsche TV-Plattform and the HbbTV Association, this event encompasses HDMI, UHD, HbbTV, and DVB-I technologies.

The 14th edition of the Plugfest will take place from Monday 26 February to Wednesday 28 February at the DTG offices in London, UK. The HbbTV Testing Event and Testing Group meeting will follow immediately after, until Friday 1 March.

The Plugfest is open to all companies interested in testing/validating their AV products/software/content/apps interoperability and compatibility with others’ implementations. Participants include TV device manufacturers, broadcasters, technology providers, platform operators, encoder providers, test equipment manufacturers, R&D institutions, standardization bodies as well as HbbTV app, HbbTV OpApp and DVB-I client developers.

For more information and to register, please visit the DTG website.

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