DVB Demos 2020

Online exhibition

This FREE online-only event will provide an opportunity to learn about the benefits of DVB’s newest generation of internet-centric specifications directly from the companies that are implementing them. Registration will open in September 2020.

Date: Thursday 26 November 2020
Time: To be confirmed, but with a morning session from 10:00 CET and and afternoon session from 14:00 CET.

What to expect

Companies that have implemented or are in the process of developing solutions based on the latest DVB specifications will provide short demos of their products or services. A brief overview of DVB’s vision for media delivery in the years ahead will be followed by a series of short, sharp demonstrations, delivered directly from the premises of each participating “exhibitor”.

Later the same day, attendees will have an opportunity to “meet” with the exhibitors in a series of dedicated breakout rooms.

Most of the exhibitors will be drawn from the DVB membership, although some non-members may also feature.


Call for proposals

Both DVB Members and non-members are welcome to submit proposals related to their products or services based on DVB’s new internet-centric generation of specifications – DVB-I – including Service Discovery (A177), DVB-DASH, as well as DVB-MABR, DVB-TA – or other either recent or forthcoming specifications.

The proposed demos can be any combination of presentation to camera, screen-share, pre-recorded video, or web-based interface. An event host will introduce and handover to each exhibitor. A strict timeslot will be allocated for each demo; no questions will be taken during the demo session.

 During the afternoon, attendees will be invited to join once again, but this time to spend a longer time with the exhibitors of their choice. The exact functioning of this is to be worked out, but it is likely to use a series of online breakout rooms to which attendees will be granted access.

Companies that agree to participate will be required:

  • to nominate a project lead who can join a bi-weekly planning call as of Wednesday 26 August at 15:00 CET (every second week);
  • to commit to preparing a demo of an appropriate length that can be presented live in a professional manner during the allocated time slot at the event, securing the use of any equipment or services required for the demo or its presentation;
  • to make a representative available to “meet” with attendees during the afternoon session at the event;
  • to facilitate one or more individual rehearsal sessions in the October/November time-frame, plus one full rehearsal the week before the event;
  • to assist with promoting the event through their own communications channels.

The DVB Project Office will organize the planning and logistics for this online-only event, hosting the regular planning meetings, promoting the event, managing registration, etc.

There will be no charge for DVB Members to participate; non-members whose proposals are accepted will be charged a fee of EUR 500.

What to do next

Please send a note – by 20 August – to Emily Dubs (dubs@dvb.org) describing the product or solution you propose to demonstrate and (if possible) how you intend to do so. A full list of exhibitors will be drawn up in mid-August.