DigiTAG Workshop Istanbul

Radission Blu, Airport Hotel, Istanbul

DVB-T2 roll out continues worldwide, DigiTAG and its members are running a workshop to inform on the full roll out ‘ecosystem’ for DVB-T2. Experiences and opportunities for regulation, frequency planning, standards, technology and equipment, this interactive workshop has been developed for new markets introducing all parts of DVB-T2:

  • Host country session: government & regulator, broadcasters and local manufacturers
  • System standards: Developing system standards and enhancements (T-T2, FOBTV, HbbTV)
  • General status of DTT in Europe – DVB-T, DVB-T to T2: Case studies from markets
  • Ultra Green Broadcasting and new technologies
  • Energy Efficiency & how to reduce TCO for broadcast transmission networks
  • Network Implementation: Hybrid Interactive Solutions
  • Frequency planning and the digital dividend
  • DigiTAG Spectrum Network Group: WRC-15 planning and the spectrum debate
  • 4G LTE opportunities & challenges (business cases)
  • Equipment testing and compliance

Our speakers have been invited from all over Europe to ensure that this is the market event for those in the region going to DVB-T2. DigiTAG members providing speakers and joining the event will include; the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), The DVB Project, BNE, Funke, Samsung, Sony, Digital TV Labs, Progira, BBC, NRK, Abertis, Anacom, Andorra Telecom, Cabot, DE, DTG, DR, EI Towers, EmiTel, Irdeto, Kathrein, Kvant-Efir, LG, NTV, Panasonic, Rai, RTVE, SMIT, SRG SSR, S&T, Swisscom, TDF, Televés, Teracom, TP Vision, YLE.

As Turkey is the gate between Europe and the East delegates from Europe and Asia have been invited to attend this event. New markets invited to this event include: Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Moldavia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Montenegro and more…

For further details on our host country you can find a DigiTAG newsletter on Turkey here.


DigiTAG holds successful DVB‐T2 workshop in Istanbul, Turkey

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