BroadcastAsia 2017


DVB HDR Workshop – May 25 – Singapore

High Dynamic Range (HDR) in combination with a wider color space will bring a new level of experience to the end-user. New displays will deliver in addition to the improved resolution also a much wider contrast range and the full set of colors. The new experience will be close to the capabilities of the human eyes. The industry is working full speed ahead on implementation of HDR. DVB has already the necessary specifications to bring UHD, HDR and the wider color space to the end-user. Nevertheless, HDR is still a new subject for the broadcast community.

DVB together with Harmonic and Rohde & Schwarz has organised a HDR workshop at the upcoming BCA Conference in Singapore on May 25th. The well-known experts Ian Trow (Harmonic) and Nils Ahrens (Rohde & Schwarz) will provide an introduction to HDR covering the whole chain from the camera down to the display. In addition DVB’s Executive Director Peter Siebert will present and explain the DVB Specification on HDR.

Program details 

Technologies Tracks, Day 3 (May 25)

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