BroadcastAsia 2014




DVB will again be exhibiting at the annual BroadcastAsia show in Singapore at booth 5L5-02.

Demos will include DVB-T2, UHDTV, HEVC and mobile to show the efficiency and flexibility of DVB-T2.


Conference Session – June 18th


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Cost, compatibility and interoperability remain top concerns to be tackled when considering DVB implementation and investment. This track will explore the latest developments in the DVB standard; identify the business case for deploying a DVB infrastructure, and key technological trends in broadcasting. This track will address what is needed to ensure the smooth implementation of and transition to DVB-T2 or S2 in Asia, as well as the opportunities they present for UHD TV and DTT.

10.45 AM

Chairman’s Address

John Bigeni, DVB Asia Representative

11.00 AM

Keynote Address: Current and Future Developments from DVB
What are DVB’s current developments with related standards?

Peter Siebert, Director, DVB Project

11.25 AM

Removing the STB: DVB-CI+ Standardisation
Background in DVB-CI and what it is required to do – Interface between the Conditional Access System & the TV set.
Why DVB-CI+?
Description of the CI+ standard and how technically, it overcomes any previous shortcomings
DVB-CI+ 1.4 additional features and how it can eliminate the need for a STB

Martin Gold, Senior Director, Cisco

11.50 AM

DVB-CI+ Applications
Outline of Applications, Market Overview etc

Erik Gazzoni, Product Strategy and Innovation, SmarDTV

12.15 PM

Header Encoding Options
Service Distribution – IP
Network Adaptation
Regional Transcoding

Pierre Larbier, Chief Technology Officer, ATEME

12.40 PM

Lunch Break and Exhibition Viewing

1.55 PM

4K Terrestrial Transmissions using DVB-T2: End to End Solution
Applications (commercial) for 4K transmissions
UHDTV delivery over DVB-T2
RF Modulation and HEVC Decoding

Nik Dimitrakopoulos, Regional Manager for Asia, Broadcast, Rohde & Schwarz

2.20 PM

The Mysteries of DVB-S2X: DVB-S2 & Enhancements
Overview of the S2X ingredients and the new opportunities they open for Digital Satellite Services
“S2X is not S3” but instead an extension of the famous DVB’s satellite transmission toolbox used by up to 500 million IRD worldwide
What are the implications of the revised DVB-S2 specifications on the various market segments they are addressing?

Gerard Faria, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder, TeamCast

2.45 PM

Sat Industry in Transition! DVB-S2 Extensions! Migration Strategies Unleashed?
Enhancements to the DVB-S2 standard to expand satellite capacity, support the launch of new services, and continued drive to reduce OPEX
What is in scope for the extensions to the DVB-S2 standard?
DSV-S2 extensions: What is the technology behind it and what are the space segment efficiency gains?
Migration scenarios of existing distribution and DTH networks to the new technology

Steven Soenens, Vice President, Product Management, Newtec

3.45 PM

DVB-T2 Practical Experience with T2 Deployments
DVB-T2 Market overview
Case Studies of recent T2 Implementations
The flexibility of DVB-T2 in meeting different business requirements and how best to leverage this technology

Colin Prior, APAC Sales Manager, Enensys

3.35 PM

Afternoon Break

3.50 PM

DVB-T2 / UHDTV Receiver Developments
Receiver & Chipset developments for UHDTV
iTV receivers & STB
Trends in receiver costs
Receiver Middleware

Laurent Le-Morvan, Senior Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics

4.15 PM

Panel: DTT Experiences & What are the Key Opportunities

Tan Sai Yoon, Vice President, MediaCorp
Natee Sukonrat, Chairman, National Broadcasting Commission
Peter Siebert, Director, DVB Project Officer

Amal Punchihewa, Technical Director, ABU

5.20 PM

Chairman’s Closing Remarks

5.30 PM

End of Conference Day 2

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