ABU Technology Webinars


The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) is organising a webinar series on IP Workflows and Remote Production for Broadcasters from 20-22 September 2022.

The ABU Technology webinar series is a multi-topic multi-speaker event. The sessions will look into OSI & TCP/IP layered architecture, SMPTE standards and other industry specifications for all-IP infrastructure. Also covered will be IP-based facilities in broadcast environments including remote production. Likewise, typical industry solutions & applications on IP-based workflows will be discussed.

DVB’s new IP-centric solutions for a time of transition

On Thursday 22 September, DVB Head of Technology Emily Dubs will present an overview of DVB’s latest IP-centric solutions, such as DVB-I, native IP broadcasting, multicast ABR and targeted advertising.

More information and registration on the ABU website.

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