ABU DBS 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

29 Febr 2016 / 09:00-13:00 / Workshop

Latest Development and Future Directions for DTT

– Latest updates on DTT standardization in DVB (Peter Siebert, DVB)
– The status of mobile broadcast reception (Kazuhiro Shimizu, Sony)
– WRC 2015 and the Future of DTT (Simon Fell, EBU)

UHD Beyond More Pixels

– The Brave New World of Immersive Audio (Craig Todd, Dolby)
– What you always wanted to know about HDR (Khush Kundi, Ericsson)
– How to bring UHD to a TV Near You (Markus Fritz, Eutelsat)

1 March 2016 / 09:30-10:30 / Conference Session

Evolving Technologies: Towards Enhancing Experience

The More and the Better Pixels – Reinvention of TV (Peter Siebert, DVB)

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