ABU DBS 2014

Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur

ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2014

Every year DVB has a presence at the ABU DBS event. In the past this has included DVB-T2 workshops, demos, presentations and many DVB-T2 activities by a multitude of DVB Member Companies.

DVB-T2 Workshop

March 6, 09:00-10:30


Phil Laven (Chairman, DVB)
Colin Prior (APAC Sales Manager, ENENSYS)
Michael Van Dorpe (CEO, Village Island)

Many ABU members have chosen DVB-T2 because of its unrivalled performance, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. This interactive workshop will start with a brief overview of the key features of DVB-T2, followed by explanations of how broadcasters can benefit from its flexibility. As a demonstration of the future-proof nature of DVB-T2, the workshop will include a demonstration of two 4k services being delivered simultaneously via a single DVB-T2 transmission. If you have any questions about DVB-T2, the experts in this workshop will be on hand to answer them.

Secondly, the workshop will also include a demo by the newest DVB Member company, Village Island, showing two UHDTV streams over DVB-T2 and DVB-S2.


Session 1 – System Standards – New Developments and Standards

March 5,  09:00-11:00

Phil Laven (Chairman, DVB) will also be speaking at the conference on the topic of: “Does Terrestrial TV have a Future?”

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