ETSI publishes latest version of DVB-DASH

At the end of March 2018 ETSI published TS 103 285 V1.2.1, the latest version of the DVB-DASH specification for the delivery of TV content via HTTP adaptive streaming. DVB-DASH builds on the MPEG DASH specification, with the latest version adding support for UHD features. A webinar on DVB-DASH is scheduled for 13 June 2018.

New features

The full name of the specification is ‘MPEG-DASH Profile for Transport of ISO BMFF Based DVB Services over IP Based Networks’. DVB-DASH is formally a profile or, more precisely, an ‘interoperability point’ of MPEG DASH. As defined by the DASH Industry Forum, with which DVB has an active liaison, interoperability points in DASH “provide a basic collection of tools and features to ensure that content/service providers and client vendors can rely to support a sufficiently good audiovisual experience”.

DVB-DASH thus references a selection of the video and audio codecs from the DVB toolbox as being technically appropriate for use with MPEG DASH. The newly published version includes HDTV, UHD, high dynamic range (HDR), high frame rate (HFR) and next generation audio (NGA). Also newly added are the provision of live text messages and slideshows for use with Hybrid Digital Radio and support for linking interactive applications to broadcast services delivered by DVB-DASH.

DVB-DASH is included in the HbbTV specifications, which enable the combination of broadcast and broadband services in CE devices. This means that DVB-DASH is now widely used in Europe and beyond for the delivery of OTT and VOD content.

DVB-DASH webinar

A free webinar providing an introduction to DVB-DASH and an overview of the newly added features will take place on Wednesday 13 June 2018. No registration is required. More information here.