ETSI publishes latest revision of DVB-SI

The latest revision of the ETSI DVB-SI standard has been published as EN 300 468 V1.16.1. It adds signalling to support the implementation of several features included in other DVB specifications, notably related to UHD, Next Generation Audio,  DVB-TTML subtitles, and other services delivered in hybrid broadcast/broadband environments. 

ETSI EN 300 468 specifies the Service Information (SI) data which forms a part of DVB bitstreams. This data allows the end user to be presented with information about the content and services available and enables the receiving device to configure itself for for the selected service. The DVB-SI specification is thus one of the core specifications underpinning all DVB services and is updated periodically to reflect the evolution of DVB solutions.

Key updates

The most notable updates in V1.16.1 of DVB-SI are:

  • addition of UHD-1 Phase 2 signalling (including High Dynamic Range and High Frame Rate);
  • addition of Next Generation Audio (NGA) signalling;
  • signalling support for section authentication solution in ETSI TS 102 809 (Signalling and carriage of interactive applications and services in hybrid broadcast/broadband environments);
  • addition of signalling for DVB-TTML subtitles; and
  • addition of a URI linkage type registration solution.

The DVB-SI specification is maintained by the DVB Technical Module’s TM-GBS working group, chaired by Alexander Adolf.

(Note: the latest version of the DVB-SI specification can be found in DVB BlueBook A038 (June 2019); as this document is constantly evolving, the version published by ETSI is sometimes superseded by a DVB BlueBook that will form part of a later ETSI revision.)