EBU launches best practice group on HbbTV and DVB-I

The European Broadcasting Union, the world’s leading alliance of public broadcasters, has launched a new working group focused on the implementation of HbbTV and DVB-I. The aim is to define and exchange best practices around these two complementary solutions.

The group has already held a first gathering that was attended by 30 broadcasters from across Europe and beyond. The initial scope of the work will include gathering information on the status of deployments, defining best practices for authoring applications, promoting interoperability, and ensuring a collaborative approach to market development.

While HbbTV is already widely deployed across the EBU membership, implementation of DVB-I is also under investigation in several territories. The new group will provide broadcasters with an opportunity to share their early experiences with regard to DVB-I service lists and test the functionality of the technology. DVB-I will be the focus of a future dedicated session for the group.

EBU members can join the group via the EBU Technology & Innovation website.