€4bn HDTV market in 2007

Revenues from sales of HD products in France during 2007 will have amounted to €4bn, according to a Rapid TV News report on recent figures from Gfk.
From January until October 2007, HD product sales reached €3.1bn amounting to 72% of turnover. By the end of December HD TV sales are expected to amount to 80% of all TV sets sold.
However all these HD sales don’t mean that everyone is using them to watch HD programmes, as Gfk points out that most of the HD sets sold are not capable of receiving HD programming because they don’t have built in HD tuners.
However Gfk is reported to indicate that built in HD tuners will become compulsory for sets sold in France during 2008.
Source: Rapid TV News
Item added: 27th December 2007