DVB World 2018 programme published

The programme for next year’s DVB World conference has been published and early bird registration has opened. The three-day event moves to Warsaw for 2018, and is focused on opportunities for “Expanding the Digital Opportunity”. 

Business as usual?

The opening afternoon kicks off with a spotlight talk by Prof. Ulrich Reimers (pictured above), who will examine the first 25 years of the DVB Project and ask what lessons can be learned for the future. This will be followed by a set of presentations that focus on current implementations and business models for digital television. Earlier that day, an optional pre-conference masterclass, led by Martin Schmalohr of IRT, will provide guidance on managing the shift to IP in broadcasting.

What’s cooking in DVB?

The second day of DVB World 2018, Tuesday 13 March, is dedicated to the work that is currently under way within the DVB Project. The opening spotlight talk will come from Comcast’s Euan McLeod, who will explore what the future might hold for cable delivery. Physical layer specifications will also come into focus in presentations on developments in terrestrial and satellite delivery, to be followed by a panel discussion.

Other topics on the agenda for this very full day include Targeted Advertising, HbbTV, High Frame Rates, TTML subtitles and ABR multicast. 

Beyond the television

Day 3 will look to the application of DVB specifications beyond the television set in the living room. The connected car is the topic for the opening spotlight, with emergency warning systems, augmented reality and virtual reality also set to feature. There will also be an update on how 5G technology might be used in combination with broadcast.

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