DVB World 2014 Keynote: Rich Prodan of Broadcom

DVB World is pleased to announce that Dr. Rich Prodan, VP & Chief Technical Officer, Broadband Communications Group, Broadcom is to deliver the keynote address on Processing Power & TV Technology.

As a member of the executive management team, Dr. Prodan coordinates and promotes advanced developments of new technologies, including advanced Physical Layer cable transmission technology, and represents the company in several national and international standards development organizations and industry consortia. He works with the technical and business professionals within the company, Broadcom’s customer base, and the cable multiple system operators (MSOs) to leverage product and partnership solutions to the integration of data, voice, and video applications and services. 

Dr. Prodan has played an instrumental role in establishing the next generation DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0 cable modem standards working with CableLabs and industry representatives from suppliers and cable operators. As CTO of CableLabs, Dr. Prodan characterized bi-directional cable plant transmission in cable systems across the US and Canada. In addition, Dr. Prodan worked over eight years with the FCC Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service to develop and test HDTV systems for the US. Prior to joining the cable industry, Dr. Prodan worked in the consumer electronics industry at Philips Research Laboratories on Compact Disc and Digital Television.

Dr. Prodan holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Columbia University. His bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering are both from New York City College.