DVB welcomes three new Members

The DVB Steering Board has approved the membership of three companies: EI Towers, MAINDATA and Peng Cheng Laboratory. We warmly welcome all three to the DVB family.

EI Towers

EI Towers S.p.A. is an Italian company operating network infrastructure and integrated services for the broadcast media, mobile telecommunications and public utilities sectors. The company manages approximately 2,500 broadcasting sites and 1,000 sites for the mobile service. It also has a fibre optic backbone and satellite infrastructure consisting of two uplink platforms and 10 transponders.

EI Towers participates in several international standardization initiatives and was a key player in Italy’s digital switchover for television. It is controlled by F2iFondi italiani per le infrastrutture – the leading infrastructure fund in Italy.


Based in Slovakia, MAINDATA Inc. has been building efficient and scalable television signal delivery solutions – software and hardware – for over 25 years. For broadcasters, the company provides regionalization of content and advertising while reducing broadcasting costs, and provides increased broadcasting capacity and better signal availability within existing infrastructure. For service providers, it offers media delivery, distance education and satellite internet platform solutions using satellite and terrestrial networks.

“MAINDATA is proud to become a member of the DVB Project and to be able to collaborate with like-minded companies,” said Dusan Statelov, CEO. “It is inspiring to see leading companies working together to develop innovative solutions and set new trends in the digital television industry. We are particularly interested to work around native IP broadcast, allowing smooth convergence with 5G networks.”

Peng Cheng Laboratory

Located in Shenzhen, China, the Peng Cheng Laboratory (PCL) is a scientific research institution established in 2018. PCL is committed to pursuing breakthroughs in the three research directions – communication, network, and intelligence – and dedicated to achieving an ultimate goal of harmonious integration among human society, information space and the physical world. The institution undertakes large-scale national strategic tasks in scientific and technological development and aims to serve as a key pillar for national research in the field of information technology.

PCL has joined many standards organizations worldwide, and has participated in the development of many international and Chinese national standards, including the AVS series of video coding standards.

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