DVB-T2 trial is on air in Serbia

Digital terrestrial TV transmissions using the DVB-T2 standard have begun on March 21, 2012 in

The signal in the Initial testing network is transmitted from 15 locations in Serbia. Out of these 15 locations, 13 are the locations of transmitters: Avala, Crveni Čot, Goč, Gučevo, Niš Gorica, Novi Pazar Šutenovačko brdo, Ovčar, Priboj Bić, Raška Gradac, Subotica Crveno selo, Užice Zabučje, Valjevo Pećina and Vršački Breg, whereas Košutnjak and Stojčino brdo are locations with the gap fillers. The transmitters which are being used have small power because, at the moment, due to a big number of television stations and occupation of specter, there are no technical possibilities for using greater power.

The DVB-T2 signal covers between 40 and 50% of the country through the Initial network.

Source: Digitalna Agenda

2 July 2012