DVB-T2 Trial in the USA

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has given the green light for the first-ever DVB-T2 trial in the USA.

A license for a 6-month trial was granted to Baltimore-based WNUV-TV. The trial aims to provide a test bed for a more efficient OFDM based delivery standard, such as DVB-T2, and will have an impact on how digital terrestrial TV will be delivered using current and future standards in the US and beyond.

Other broadcasters, suppliers and industry trade associations will also take part in the tests and the trial results will be shared with NAB, ATSC and others.

The objective is to test the impact of how OFDM can make TV content more accesible to viewers by:

  1. Identifying representative link budgets for a variety of use cases in different locations within the service area;
  2. Determining how a scalable Quality of Service offering combined with flexible transmission attributes might facilitate the simultaneous provision of television broadcast to multiple viewing devices;
  3. Providing data that may support the development of coverage and service contour matching techniques;
  4. Confirming the ability of OFDM to support Ultra High-Definition television within the existing 6 MHz channel assignments;
  5. Exploring technological capabilities that could lead to the ability to evolve a future broadcast standard;

The full details of the trial license can be found on the FCC website.