DVB-T2 trial in Prague

The broadcast network operator České Radiokomunikace (CR) is presently conducting a short trial using the DVB-T2 standard. The trial service is available in Prague on Ch25 from a 330Watt transmitter covering the whole city. The total bit rate being transmitted is 40.2Mbit/sec in a standard UHF 8 MHz channel, almost double the bit rate of the current DVB-T transmissions.
CR is calling on the government to provide capacity for a nationwide DVB-T2 network by allocating extra spectrum. It would like to be able to offer HD services using DVB-T2 in time for the next Olympic Games in 2012 and is confident that it can provide services to 8.5 million viewers located in the urban centres.
Source: Digizone.cz
Item added: 24th May 2010