DVB-T2 trial begins

A small Copenhagen based company, Open Channel, has begun broadcasting trial DVB-T2 transmissions on UHF Ch 67 in the Greater Copenhagen area, reports Broadband TV News.
Open Channel have produced their own transmitter for the trial with the cooperation of Pro Television and DekTec.
Denmark, which uses DVB-T currently, has no space for HD transmissions on its SD based multiplexes, but by changing to DVB-T2 the capacity could be doubled and HD services provided.
During the initial phase of the trial, broadcasts are from a single antenna radiating 600 Watt ERP from a 100 metres high antenna (330 feet) on the TDC Tower on Borups Alle in the centre of Copenhagen. The MUX is known locally as MUXKBH-2 and the TV channels transmitted are the same as those available on MUXKBH UHF channel 35, Kanal København, Familie TV and G-TV.
When more DVB-T2 set top boxes are available on the Danish market, Open Channel will expand the broadcast set up to include several broadcasting positions in Roskilde and/or Hillerød using an SFN. At the same time the main transmitter power will be increased to 2kW ERP.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 21st June 2010