DVB-T2 to be adopted

Mozambique is to adopt the Digital Video Broadcasting projects DVB-T2 digital television transmission standard when it makes the change from analogue to Digital TV, the director general of the Mozambican National Communications Institute(INCM) Américo Muchanga said in Maputo, according to Club Mozambique.
He went on to say that this year concrete activities would be carried out to install the facilities needed for the migration to digital broadcasting, and that experimental broadcast of digital TV may be carried out.
Transport and Communications minister, Paulo Zucula, is soon expected to name an inter-sector commission to outline the strategy for migrating from the current radio and TV broadcasting system to a digital system.
With this decision Mozambique has accepted the recommendation of the ministers for telecommunications of the member countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), at the Lusaka conference in November 2010, which states that SADC members should adopt the European DVB-T2 model.
Source: Club Mozambique
Item added: 31st January 2011