DVB-T2 testing to begin in September

Broadcast Network operator Teracom is to begin testing the DVB-T2 system in September, according to a recent (Teracom) press release.
Initial tests will begin using a channel simulator in a lab environment to gain more knowledge of the expected real world performance. Later this autumn Teracom will conduct field tests in Stockholm from the Nacka TV station as well as from the smaller Marieberg station. Later tests are planned in Upsala using Band III in the VHF band.
During the field tests one of the main aims is to compare coverage between that provided by current DVB-T transmissions and that achieved when using DVB-T2.
The DVB-T2 specification is expected to become an ETSI standard on 17 September 2009.
Main source: Teracom website
Item added: 7th September 2009