DVB-T2 rollout possible from 2015

Lower-Saxony has announced that it wants to be the first German regional state to introduce the new digital terrestrial television technology DVB-T2, which provides  50% more capacity than DVB-T.
The enhanced system will double the number of available TV channels and, for the first time, enable HDTV via DTT which has so far only been offered on cable, satellite and IPTV in Germany.
The DVB-T2 deployment would be possible from 2015, Andreas Fischer, head of Lower-Saxony’s local media authority NLM, told German news-wire agency dpa. “The aim is, of course, that it will début in Lower-Saxony.”
Since autumn 2009, NLM has been operating a DVB-T2 pilot project along with partners at two locations in Lower-Saxony
More than 26 million DVB-T boxes have been sold in Germany since the launch of services in 2004.
Source: Rapid TV News
Item added: 20th September 2010