DVB-T2 Lite trial for Copenhagen

Video contribution and distribution solutions provider T-VIPS has partnered with broadcast technology developer ProTelevision to develop a joint DVB-T2-Lite transmission solution.
The solution is designed to enable operators to deploy DVB-T2-Lite for the distribution of video and audio content to mobile devices and the Danish operator Open Channel a subsidiary of U-Media will be the first to trial the system
Open Channel was awarded a license to commence a DVB-T2-Lite trial on the 30th August. The trial will use the 1.7MHz VHF (DAB) Channel 9D in the Greater Copenhagen region and include a large number of radio services.
Kenneth Wenzel, CEO, Open Channel, said: “As far as we’re concerned there are some fundamental advantages of DVB-T2 Lite over DAB, which means that the future of digital radio will be based upon DVB-T2 Lite. Using this profile saves battery life at the receiver, enables the transmission of many more channels, provides increased robustness, and can easily be retro-fitted to the existing DVB-T2 infrastructure.
Sources: T-VIPS and CSImagazine
Item added: 19th September 2011